Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws
Tall Wheat Straws

Holy City Straw Company

Tall Wheat Straws

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               More Eco-Friendly than Paper, Plastic &                  Bioplastic Straws


  • Perfect for Hot and Cold Drinks
  • Straw Height - 7.75"
  • Inner Diameter 4-6.5mm
  • Never Soggy
  • Gluten-free
  • Pesticide-free
  • Non-GMO Wheat Stem
  • 100% Bio-Based
  • 100% Zero Waste
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • 100% Chemical-free: No dyes, polymers, waxes
  • Carbon Neutral Shipping
  • No need for Industrial Composting Facility
  • No need to Recycle
  • Plastic-free product packaging with Non-Toxic Ink
  • Straws are not intended to be eaten or digested and should only be used as a straw to drink various liquids.


100% Pure Wheat Stem Straw from 100 reclaimed material leftover stems that are cut after harvesting grain~ we have turned the wheat waste into a useful everyday product instead of it being used as livestock feed or burned.

So, the straw is made from the wheat stem and not from the grain.


Available in different sizes

Cocktail size - 5.75" (15cm) 

Tall Size - 7.75" (20cm) (This product Page)

Available in different material 

Also available in REED Straws, with a wider diameter.

Available in different quantities

Available in personal and bulk or commercial quantities of

  • 100
  • 500
  • 3000
  • 6000
  • 9000


Straw Size Guide

Cocktail Straw Size Chartt

Straw Length Options - Cocktail straw length is ~5.75" (15cm) tall 

Straw Diameter - 4-6 mm (0.16"-0.24")

Straw Appearance - Each natural straw is unique with very slight variations in appearance, shade, and diameter. 


High-Performance Straw: The Holy City Wheat Straws start as a firm straw. After a few sips, you will notice that it becomes flexible, like a plastic straw. It will bend but not break. 

It improves in performance the longer it is in the drink. It will last even up to the following day.

100% guaranteed soggy-free experience!

Proper Disposal: This natural straw will degrade over time without hampering the environment. Simply dispose or add to your own compost bin. Does not require commercial recycling or composting.

Just for Sipping:  Goes without saying, but we will say it anyway. The wheat straws are for sipping and not for eating or digesting it.

Responsible Use: For Personal use, not meant for sharing once you sip on it to avoid cross-contamination.

For Smoothies and thicker beverages, try the Holy City REED Straws which has a wider diameter.


How are the straws processed?

Holy City Straw is committed to the environment. It has ingeniously used the typical agricultural plant waste (the cut wheat stem) into a straw that is processed free from any chemicals or contaminants.

The wheat straws are washed three times using (UV) high-temperature sterilization/saltwater disinfection methods for the removal of dirt and impurities.

Then they are baked to perfection for durability.


How safe are these straws?

Holy City Staws undergo stringent tests from SGS, a worldwide leader in testing with 140 years of performance, has cleared of more than 25 of the most common pesticides and other harmful metal and chemical substances.

Where do the wheat straws come from?

Holy City Straw carefully selects its small wheat farm partners located throughout Southeast Asia.

Design, distribution, fulfillment, and sales are all handled in North America.

How different are the Holy City Straws from its competitors?

Its processing facilities carefully hand-selects the widest wheat stems (4-6mm). It is comparatively 30% wider and more consistent in quality with slight unique variations.

It only contains one natural ingredient and requires no manufacturing, eliminating carbon usage and wastes.

The straws are biodegradable in any environment (land or water). It does not need to be taken to an industrial composting facility, unlike bioplastic straws. It degrades naturally


How can this be gluten-free if it is made from wheat?

Holy City Wheat Straw comes from plant stem which is made of plant cells. Gluten is held within the seed plant.

Therefore, the trace of gluten in the straw is minuscule.

All the wheat stems are tested by Great Plains Analytical Laboratory and register a gluten allergen reading of less than 2.5 ppm. This is significantly lower than the standard set by Gluten Free Organization of less than 10 ppm to be classified as gluten-free.

Although it is not required to meet FDA requirements for gluten-free status since the straws are not meant for consumption, the Holy City Straws comply with the 2 FDA conditions:

  • contains less than 20 parts per million (ppm) of gluten
  • any avoidable gluten

For good measure, you may test or consult your physician before using this.


If you are allergic to grass or hay, please consult your doctor/ or allergist before using Holy City Straw.


Fulfilled by our friends at Holy City Straw Company

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