Coco Moringa Immunity-Booster Power Pack Collection

Meet your best natural team of defenders against all diseases from head to toe ~

Moringa, the Miracle Tree, and Coconut Oil, from the Tree of Life, make a mean, lean terrific team to charge up your immune system with all the essential nutrients that your body needs (amino acids/proteins, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, loads of phytonutrients).

Research shows that Moringa and Coconut Oil are nutrient-rich with the advantage beyond human-made supplements to fortify your immunity

How so?

Because these are easily absorbed and instantly made bioavailable without the need to go through the process of digestion.

As soon as you take it orally, or for the coconut oil, you can take it orally or topically, all the nutrients contained in these power-packed super naturals pass directly across your brain-blood barrier which most supplements and ordinary food cannot do.

Unlike most supplements, these tried and tested healthy helpers are affordable and proven healthy alternatives to expensive supplements and medicine.

Moringa and Coconut Oil are just a mere fraction of the cost compared to all the supplements being promoted in the market, plus it keeps you from incurring medical costs if you exercise commitment to a daily dose and disciplined intake to sustain your health or address health issues.

There is no danger of overdose or toxicity unless you manifest allergy towards it.

Technically, Moringa and Coconut oil have been studied as having these properties: anti-allergy, antimicrobial, anti-cancer... plus a whole lot more of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory elements.

Let healthy food be your medicine. Studies have attested to the nutritive and curative properties of Moringa and Coconut Oil.

Always consult your doctor if you are taking any treatment or having any serious health issues.

Present the research on Moringa and Coconut oil as most likely, medical doctors may know more about pharmaceutical drugs rather than natural alternatives.

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