Ancient Minerals® Topical Magnesium

Ancient Minerals® Magnesium by Enviromedica is the #1 Trusted Name in concentrated topical magnesium, the provider of the highest quality organic magnesium sea salt bath flakes, lotions, aloe vera gels, and topical oils.

Enviromedica is backed by the best research and garners the most recommendation from doctors and Ph.D.'s.

Ancient Minerals® Magnesium products contain concentrated levels of 100% naturally occurring magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Sea located in Northern Europe (stretching from the U.K. to northern Poland).

Magnesium chloride is more effective than Epsom salts made of magnesium sulfate.

Research has shown that topical magnesium chloride is more effective than oral supplements in raising magnesium levels.

The Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Bath Flakes which easily dissolve in warm water offers a highly effective, most relaxing means of absorbing magnesium; with the unmatched benefit of an immersive, full-body bath or convenient foot soak. This is the best choice for achy muscles and joints.

To get the most out of our fragrance-free magnesium oil, lotion, or gel products, apply liberally to clean skin.

The Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Lotion is quickly absorbed as a daily moisturizer. This is the mildest formulation in our collection. 

The Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Oil is considered the gold standard by health care practitioners for rapidly restoring magnesium levels through the skin. This is the best choice for efficiently restoring magnesium levels.

The Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Gel is designed to remain on the surface of the skin (longer than the other formulation) to hydrate and maximize its soothing benefits. It speeds wound healing and hydrating skin. This is the best choice for supporting skin health - ideal for massage.

The Ancient Minerals® Ultra line contains 50% lower magnesium levels but with the addition of the mineral sulfur in the form of premium OptiMSM®.

MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, a superior organic form of the mineral sulfur.

 iThe ULTRA Line is designed to further facilitate magnesium absorption, ideal for sensitive skin. It is beneficial for bone, joint, and skin health.

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