Addresing COVID-19

Learn how we are keeping you safe despite COVID 19.

May this note find you well.


You are safe with us.


We created MVP Selections with your health as our top priority.


Long before COVID 19 struck the world with terror, our small and cohesive company has been practicing sanitation supreme.


Why? Because our founder was a cancer and a stem cell transplant survivor who to this day exercises extreme sanitation protocols. She translated the same careful practice in our operations to ensure your safety.


Be assured that our operations are controlled and COVID safe. Every order only goes through one pair of gloved hands until it is packed and sealed.


Our suppliers are committed to the same extreme protocols.


For your safety, please assign a staging area as you receive your package. Sanitize the box before touching it, for it has been in transit. Although we guarantee that the contents are clean and COVID free, for good measure, sanitize it as well before putting it in your pantry.


We are thankful for our friendly couriers who aim to stay healthy as they serve you. Their schedules have become delayed but let us keep the faith and patience as they strive and thrive so we can survive.


We care for what you care about and more.


Please stay safe. Make healthy your daily choice.


God bless you!


The MVP Care Team