Soaplicity Organic Skin Care

Artisan-crafted All-Natural Allergy-free Skin Care Collection

Soaplicity is a wonderful brand offering tried and tested artisan-crafted, anti-allergy, and truly 100% all-natural personal care collection of facial, bath, and body products made by one who has suffered allergies, Roshan Richards.

Powered by desperation, frustration, and passion for a cure for her skin allergies (psoriasis), as well as her family and friends, she spent tons of money, time, and research to discover therapeutic properties of different kinds of butter, oils, clays, herbs, and essential oils. She learned the safe and healthy way to process soap and formulated her own natural inventions with herself as the satisfied guinea pig. 

The immediate positive effects sparked her purpose to establish Soaplicity.


To this day, they take pride in their handmade process in small batches to control the quality.

Soaplicity Products & Philosophy

Soaplicity is committed to all-natural, sustainable, and toxic-free ingredients and processes free from toxins:

  • no artificial colors or fragrances
  • no  microwave processes
  • no paraben, sulfate
  • no silicone
  • no formaldehyde
  • no gluten
  • no cruelty-testing in any of its products

As a green manufacturer, Soaplicity strives to leave a small carbon footprint as possible by using eco-friendly packaging and processes

  • Recycled/recyclable packaging, compostable packaging, or Biodegradable BPA Free Plastic Packaging
  • Non-Toxic Facility Cleaners
  • Use Hybrid Vehicle for Transportation (to lower gas emissions)

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