Welcome to the world of MVP Selections!

YOU are special! You are important.
You are the Most Valuable Player in your life.
We totally agree! And so ~ we celebrate you! Yay!


This website was created with YOU in mind.



We aim to contribute significantly to your health and well-being. This is what MVP Selections is all about.

We are honored to share and present to you our MVP Selections. Most Valued Products Selected carefully under stringent tests and qualifications. We only present The Product Leader per category so the selection process is easy. Shopping becomes efficient when you immediately see what you want right in front of you.

Our Mission

MVP Selections is a mission-minded ecommerce with a Christian conscience.

Simply, every purchase connects to blessing a community. 100% of the profits funds our educational missions.


Living fully is all about giving.




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As you bring value to your life with MVP Selections, every purchase made also brings Major Value and Progress in the lives of select rural communities in the Philippines that we support.

We also support cancer patients and organizations involved in cancer treatment and research.

Imagine that! We offer you a healthy helping of valuable products and simultaneously enable and empower you to help others easily just by one click.

Your purchase makes a significant impact in paving a better future for others. Most Valuable Practice to live by, won’t you agree? — This is Our Mission. Our Vocation. Our Practice.


MVP Selections aims to offer you valuable products at great value.

The more you buy, the more you are able to give value to others as well. This is our Market Virtual Possibilities .


You are our Most Valued Partner , a worthy Helping Hand in actualizing our livelihood programs and educational missions. Thank you (warm hugs).

MVP inspires a merry-go-round of blessings because that is what life is all about.

We envision shopping to be a Morally Virtuous Practice — at every click, it will create ripples of positive effects to global communities.

We help you…then you help us help others…
The MVP Selections is a creative alternative in supporting worthy causes.

This is more than a feel good action. You actually receive health benefits for yourself while you extend a helping hand to different communities.

One product involves a global community to produce and distribute. A valuable exchange, don’t you think?
We value sharing values to as many people we value.

Major Value Proposal

The heart of MVP Selections is its Wholesale Offering. At no additional fees for membership, you can apply for Wholesale discounts if you order by the dozen. Prices drop down significantly at great discount value. You can benefit from these savings for your family or resell at competitive market rates for a fundraising project to support your worthy causes.

MVP Selections partners with involved individuals, churches and other organizations committed to bringing value to communities who need help. We help them help others by providing our selections that they can use for their fundraising projects.

Learn more at MVP Selections WHOLESALE.

Most Valued Producers

Behind every MVP Selection — a premium product offering great value to one’s well-being — is a reliable manufacturer and distributor of integrity who backs the quality of its products. Each company is known for its consistent commitment to social responsibility and community-building.

Worthy products with noble aims to help others — these are the people we relate with. Their products are what we promote. Their relationships are what we value.

We personally know the owners and manufacturers of the products we promote.

Why we do what we do

The MVP Story

MVP Selections was established in May 2016. It was founded by Marita Villafuerte-Pierce , yours truly. I am the MVP, Most Valued Player, behind the MVP Selections LLC. MVP Selections is 100% owned by me:)

MVP Selections is a small company with very BIG dreams. Its existence was born to extend the legacy of help and blessings to communities I have been working for decades. I am mindful in making provisions for causes I care about. I engage global communities through MVP Selections to serve as my Ministry Vital Provident .


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Most Vital Partners in Progress

Life is about valuable relationships. We value our relationships with our Most Vital Partners in Progress together we collaborate to bring hope, healing and practical helps to rural folks and their children.

We provide high quality education to their rural children in select communities.

We support Preppi School Foundation, Inc. in its efforts to provide high quality education to children who cannot afford. www.preppischool.com

We support GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc., the producer of moringa tea that we sell, which provides livelihood to farmers, drug rehabilitation to select individuals and high quality education to their children. www.greenearthheritage.org

We support cancer research and select cancer patients who are in need of financial support. We work with different cancer organizations. Soon, we will provide the links to our choice of cancer organizations that we actively support.

MVP Selections is made possible by a team of professionals who are committed and caring individuals. They truly perform their tasks for positive outcomes. They make the impossible possible for me and the hard turns easy with their collaboration. Cheers to true performers!

If you are a business-owner, you know what I mean. Every step involves the joyful synergy of cooperative individuals and companies who help me. Yay!




Special thanks to my MVPs – Most Valued Professional Performers

Joseph Naz, founder and owner of Leap IT Solutions for his professional, super accommodating and patient manner in solving techy issues. You live up to your name in providing IT Solutions. Always Advancing, indeed, you are! You can reach out to him: www.leap-solutions.com

Lori Villafuerte,the empress of Schmuzter, my favorite social media marketer. Schmuzter extends My Vocal Promotions with their creative expertise and professional savviness. Cheers to her wonderful team! Select Schmuzter for your social media promotions, http://schmuzter.com.

And to all my prayer warriors, thank you for accompanying me in my journey with your Holy Spirit-filled prayers that God listens to. This website is an answered prayer.

This is more than a business. This is my life ministry.





Make Virtual Pleasure

I dedicate this website to my fellow peeps:

  • Those who just want to know the best and click quickly.
    Seeing so many selections can be so confounding!
  • Those who prefer to spend more time relating with valuable people than be attached with electronic devices. This website will make it quick and easy for you to shop so you can do other worthy activities.
  • Those who desire to see the world in giant print. Yes! I made sure that your viewing will be easy and colorful.
  • To my fellow cancer conquerors! Hey!


This website was especially designed by me as a cancer conqueror, recovering from the toxic effects of chemo with manifold sensorial challenges.


Blessed by your visit,

Marita V Pierce

Marita Villafuerte-Pierce