Our Story

Oooh, lala! You are here because of your curiosity about our story.  Your attention tickles and honors me.

Hi! My name is Marita Villafuerte-Pierce, founder and owner of MVP Selections LLC. Pleased to meet you:)

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Presently, a resident of Houston, Texas.

MVP Selections was birthed out of my mission to BLESS You and a whole lot of communities who are needy. 

If you want the short version of me, well, the best thing you can learn about me is that “I AM A CHRISTian.” Jesus Christ is my MVP - Most Valued Providence. I shout it out loud! I am nothing without Him.

Everything I do relates to my desire to give Him glory.

Translated in earthly and practical terms, this website is intended to bless you and the communities I care about so that children in need could have access to quality education and prepare them for a better future.

All the other things I do are icing on the cake.


You still there:)

Okay, if you really want to know the long version about me, mmmmm..how do I begin?

I wear many hats. Constructing this website allowed me to apply my professional experience as an entrepreneur, writer, graphic designer, life coach, Montessori teacher and therapist for children with special needs, to say the least.

This business venture was born out of a personal need to learn and live a healthy life after I survived stage 4 multiple myeloma (a blood and bone cancer) last May 2013. Thankfully, as of this writing, I am still in full remission after 6 chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant (SCT).

When my life was extended by God, of course, I wanted to live better-ER:) lol!

The passionate research,

- the challenging selections that confronted my chemo-doused brain,

- and the legacy plan to continue my professional work which focused in providing quality education, especially to those who cannot afford, inspired me to construct my MVP = Motivated Victory Plan for personal good health and sharing hope and practical helps to those in need.

This MVP Plan catapulted into a Major Venture Project ...While I was thinking of a name….mmm…. with all the MVP’s in my head, it made sense to name this project MVP Selections.

In May 2016, exactly 3 years after I survived cancer in the same month, MVP Selections LLC, USA was born.

I am making a new history, post-cancer recovery.

The launch of this online store has brought me full circle, from manufacturer-exporter to a distributor- reseller. I never thought that I would be an etailer.

But then, I also never imagined becoming a teacher. And never in my nightmare did I ever dream of having cancer.

The unexpected events in life define us and narrow our path so that we can live our God-ordained destiny.

If you are curious about my professional career, well...

First and foremost, I am an entrepreneur, a graduate of Business Administration from the University of the Philippines. Post cancer, I am now a homepreneur. Yep, I work with my apron on, literally, multi-tasking.

My current life aims remain the same since I was sixteen years old -- to share the love of Jesus Christ in practical terms.


If you would like to learn about the school that I established in the Philippines, please visit www.preppischool.com. I am a Teacher’s teacher and a Parent’s parent as I conduct training for both. As a single and hyper careerwoman, aside from actively managing my school, I was active in conducting training and spoke at national and international conferences.

Four years after I survived cancer, in 2017, Preppi School embarked boldly on a full-time educational mission to offer an international standard of education applying The Truth CurriculumTM and the Montessori Method to rural children in Camarines Sur, Philippines. MVP Selections supports worthy causes, one of which is the scholarship fund of Preppi School Foundation.

If you would like to learn about The Truth CurriculumTM that I devised for children, teachers, parents, and professionals, oh please visit www.truthcurriculum.org. The website is a work in progress but you will pick up some helpful stuff as early as now.

Thankfully, the power of the internet enables me to resume my training programs as net sales of MVP Selections fund our educational missions for parents, teachers, and children.

Slowly but surely, I am picking up the pieces where I left off before cancer interrupted my life.


A year after I survived cancer, since I was constrained to teach children due to my fragile recovering bones, I pursued my Certification as a John Maxwell Leadership coach. As of this writing, my website (www.maritavpierce.com) is still under construction. If you are interested, contact me and I will let you know when my website is up and running.

Would you like to connect with me? I aspire to inspire and care to share the love and cheer we all need.

Visit my Facebook Page where I aspire to inspire and care to share at https://www.facebook.com/MaritaVPierce/

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Marita V Pierce


Marita Villafuerte-Pierce



I would love to hear from you. Contact me at hello@mvpselections.com