The heart of MVP Selections is its Wholesale Offering.
At no additional fees for membership, you can apply for Wholesale discounts if you order by the dozen. Prices drop down significantly at great discount value.

Why Go Wholesale?

It costs you less to buy more!


Stock Up
and SAVE for your family


and GIVE Gifts to people you value


and EARN


Worthy missions from your sale



Qualifications of an MVP Wholesaler

If you value products of value purchased at best value, YES, you are in!

If you can afford to purchase 12 pieces per product type at one time, SURE, you are in!

MVP Selections partners with involved individuals, churches and other organizations committed to bringing value to communities who need help.

We help them help others by offering our product selections that they can sell and raise funds to support their missions.

Requirements for Wholesale

REGISTER Online Fill up the form here

Once approved, you’re good to GO Wholesale!


Data required are the same as when purchasing retail but there are more details on your shipping address required in order to calculate your shipping costs for bulk orders as well as some bit of background about you.

Approval as a Wholesaler

RECEIVE Email Confirmation Approval as Wholesaler

RECEIVE Wholesale Price List GUIDE, includes estimated shipping to your address

UPDATED Price List will always be posted on the website. Prices are subject to change.


Price List Guide

The price you pay for at MVP Selections allows you to add a mark-up to sell competitively

You will receive an estimated shipping cost based on your shipping address. Actual Shipping costs may vary depending on the volume you order. Different wholesalers will have different shipping costs based on their zone.

Apportion the total shipping cost you pay to the total quantity of products you order so you can determine your Unit Landed cost

Landed Cost + Your Markup = Your Selling Price

You decide how much markup you want to add to your Landed Cost to arrive at your Selling Price if you plan to resell these products to your community.

Peg your selling price a little lower than the market price so you can sell competitively.

Average Market Sales Price per product will be given you to give you an idea of how much other stores are selling your product interests.

Consider doing a Survey of the prices in your area to give you an idea of the market prices of the products you will sell.

Steps to Ordering Wholesale

1. While the Wholesale Page is still under construction, Email your order:

2.The order will be processed upon full payment.

3. You will be given the tracking information.

4. Due to the value of your order, please make sure your receiving area is secure.



Minimum Order

Per transaction, 12 pieces per product type selected.

Products from different suppliers will be packed and shipped separately.

Tax Guide

All food items we sell are non-taxable.

Verify the tax status of products you purchase in your state.

As a reseller, you will be responsible to comply for whatever commercial or tax requirements there are in your area.


Cost Savings

The more you order, the lower your shipping cost will be per unit product.

The lower your shipping cost, the higher your net earnings.

Save on shipping costs by selecting strategic pick up sites at work, church or social sites.


Turnaround time, depends on the following factors:

1. Volume of your order

2. The time and day you placed your order (peak season may require more time)

Your order will be processed after payment has been made upon placing your order.

Response Time on Wholesale Orders placed –

  • before 12 noon, you will receive notification on the same day on the processing of your order.
  • after 12 noon, you will receive notification no later than the following day on the processing of your order
  • on Fridays after 12 noon, you will receive notification on the processing of your orders no later than Monday, the following week.
  • during holidays will be processed after the holiday
  • Your order will arrive between 2-5 days depending on the type of shipment and zone

Transit time depends on the volume of your order, destination and shipper selected. You will receive notification on the shipment of your order.


Seasonal Gifts and Giveaways

Please contact us at order@mvpselections.com if you would like us to pack or prepare giftable items for seasonal giveaways.

Please indicate Subject: Packing / Kitting

You may advise us of your ideas and we can help you come up with gifts of value to suit your budget.

Non – Exclusivity

We do not offer exclusivity in any one geographical area.

We aim to collaborate on community-building and promote a non-competitive environment.

We honor the integrity of each MVP Seller – our Most Valued Partner and Promoter.

Got questions?

Won’t you please email info@mvpselections.com


call +1 302-272-5377, Weekdays 9 am - 5 pm