Sweet Coco Moringa Tea Collection


Moringa tea has a pleasant taste compared to most teas known for its powerful or earthy taste.


Let not taste deceive you for this mild-tasting tea contains the highest nutrients compared to all other teas and plants. This is not a matter of opinion but it is based on scientific research.


It is no wonder that Moringa has been called the Super Food of the World because it has bested other plants and teas for its superb quality and amount of nutrients.

Yes, it is healthier than acai berry, green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white tea, Masala chai tea, Maca, etc.


For the sweet-toothed, here is the best alternative to sweeten the taste of Moringa tea without compromising its healthy nutrients.


Add Organic Coconut Secret Coconut Sugar or Coconut Nectar.


Both of these heart-healthy, low glycemic and diabetic-friendly sweet options also contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer properties.


These natural and organic sweeteners are made from the coconut blossoms (or flowers), the most nutritious part of the coconut tree.


While there is no danger of overdose for the Moringa, for those with health-related issues, consume the natural sweeteners in moderation.


This collection is available in 8 combinations.


You have a choice to pair any size of our Moringa loose leaf tea with either the Coconut Secret Crystals (sugar) or Coconut Secret Nectar (syrup).



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