To those who are looking for a natural drink that is SAFE…


Discover the TEA my Doctors allowed me to take DURING MY CHEMO, which became my daily energy booster and health shield

And how it’s suitable for both healthy and unwell people too...


Dear reader,


We know that doctors do not allow some natural drinks or healthy foods during medical treatments.


And even supposedly “healthy” packaged or canned drinks, like energy drinks that athletes take, are not really good for our body. 


Too much sweetened and caffeinated drinks are also bad. 

Don’t fret. There’s hope.


Allow me to share with you my favorite drink that I’ve been drinking for 7 consecutive years now… 


How I learned about it and helped me get well. 


And why I vouch for it so much.


I even volunteered as an advocate! 🙂


Hi, I’m Marita V. Pierce. I was an educator and a therapist for kids with special needs before cancer struck me in 2012.


Don’t worry, I am now a  cancer conqueror.



In 2007, my blood tests showed some spikes in my liver, but the family doctor could not determine the cause. 


She required me to have blood tests several times but with no discovery of any disease, I just moved on with my life. 


We suspected that the medications from a bout of UTI and migraine caused the blood spikes in my liver. 


Eventually, I had extreme eczema and once again I was subjected to powerful medications for almost a year. 


After surviving eczema, I started having chronic neck and shoulder pain. My wrists felt like it had carpal tunnel syndrome. At times, my heart would palpitate for no reason. 


Despite different medical tests including an echocardiogram, 24-Holter monitor and blood tests, my doctors found nothing wrong with me so I lived with my manageable chronic pains.


In late October 2012, upon landing in Manila for a vacation, I felt my left ribs protrude.


My lower back hurt and I could no longer bend to get anything on the floor. 


My chronic pains were a mystery.  


I had scheduled for an MRI but deferred it to finish up my work. 


Lalaine, my elder sister, and I rode a plane to visit my father for a reunion. He was in Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines, 257 miles away from Manila.


The following day my lower back stiffened and I could barely move. And so, I stayed in bed.


My sister had to help me get out of bed just to go to the bathroom. 


I thought I had a lower back spinal injury or slip disc.


The next day I thought I felt better…


So I got out of bed to prepare for my trip back to Manila. 


I abruptly sneezed “Ah ---” and I never finished the one-second sneeze as I screamed in pain “Ahhhhhhhh!”


I thought I broke my back…


I was bedridden for 7 days before I was airlifted to Makati Medical Center, Metro Manila, Philippines.


The doctors had no clue and subjected me to a battery of tests. 


The 7 days served as my spiritual preparation for the pending storm about to hit me.


I knew something life-changing was about to happen.


I had a lot of time to pray and meditate on God’s Word before the team of medical doctors told me the horrible news.


There were several medical specialists who diagnosed me. 


The neurologist could not figure out why I had so many tumors outside my brain barrier. The scans showed so many lesions on my bones from head to toe. My thinned out “holey” bones disabled me from standing up.


It took a while to connect the tumors to the back pain.


My body was failing me.


They diagnosed me with stage 4 incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma.


Yep, you read it right.


There was no cure.


I wasn’t surprised that I was told that I had cancer. I felt extreme sickness in my bones and my body wasting away.


God’s Word encouraged me and prepared me to face the worst with His wisdom.


Faith in God blurs fears. 


The HOPE of Jesus softened the harassment that surrounded me. 


I felt the love of God and His Grace that enabled me to do what I had to do. 


His amazing peace within and without were tangible.


My caregivers and I had the joy of the Lord, so we had humor sandwiched with hallelujahs to the God who created laughter..



What got me excited was to look forward to heaven rather than healing ~ heaven, the ultimate paradise free from pain. 


You see, I was not even looking for a cure. I was ready to die and be released from pain.


The way I saw it, it was a win-win situation. Heaven or healing? Heaven was my first choice.


If I get healed, I live to be with my loved ones. 


If I get promoted to heaven, I would have a grand reunion with the Greatest Lover of my soul, Jesus Christ, my Lord, and Savior. 


During the wait in the hospital as doctors kept subjecting me to all kinds of tests, every night, I literally begged God to take me. 


Extreme bone pain consumed me and weakness sapped my energy. 


There was no other place in my being except to pray. 


Worry takes a lot of energy, of which I had none.


But my spirit had the strength to worship God.


Like a glass filled with water, there was no space for worry. 


My soul refreshed itself with the refreshing Word of God. 


I surrendered to God’s Will. I was ready to die. 


Excited, actually…


To be free from pain would have been a sweet release.


The doctors administered a high dosage of a chemical cocktail combination that was a drug addict’s dream. 


The mixture was so powerful.


It dulled my senses a bit, but the pain was still excruciating.


Yet it amazed my doctors that my mind was still sharp. 

My spirit was in hyper prayer mode - begging God to take me… 


“Earth to God, Mayday, Mayday! SOS, Jesus! HELP!” ~ I was hounding heaven’s door to extract me from earth.


Most people would try to live, I was thinking of exiting from the pain that was consuming me. 


One night, God impressed in my spirit that I would live.


So the following day, I had my sister bring me a handheld recorder, a journal and a pen so I could document the miracles about to happen.


My goal became clear: kill the cancer that was killing me with my expert medical team and God beside me. 


I was not aware that God was going to provide a super natural tonic to help in the fight.


How did I face cancer? 

Like a soldier breathing heavily, preparing to run towards the front line. 


There was no time to be scared. It was time to brace myself for God’s grace and rush forward to fight.


The doctor’s plan was to keep me alive. 


They were in panic mode. 


And yet, they were positively confident that they could arrest the stage 4 multiple myeloma with chemotherapy.


My parents’ plan was to let me stay in Manila so they could care for me.


Along with my other sister Lalaine, they wanted me to pursue natural remedies.


My husband’s plan was to bring me back to our home Houston, Texas. His desire was in sync with Dr. Mylene, my elder sister, to undergo my cancer treatment at MD Anderson Cancer Center (the world’s best cancer center with an excellent track record for treating cancer, especially my type of rare cancer). 


But first, I needed to be mobile so I could move and get out of bed.



Strong medications make me sick. 


Before my cancer diagnosis, I had weaned from over-the-counter drugs and analgesics for more than a decade. I could not imagine surviving the strong chemical warfare that would occur inside of me. 


But since I heard from God directly (in my spirit and not in an audible voice)...


That He will be with me and will heal me…


In faith, I braved to face the grave plan of chemotherapy.


To keep the unity and peace in my family and to honor my husband’s desire, I opted for chemotherapy…


Assured of God’s Will, my decision was to face the nasty chemical warfare called chemotherapy based on the MD Anderson cancer therapy.


We followed the MD Anderson protocol so I could continue it in Houston for the next cycle, provided that I can travel back to my home.


My doctors in the Philippines coordinated with the leading doctor for multiple myeloma at MD Anderson Houston, Texas  liaised by my sister, Dr. Mylene. 


My first chemo was in Makati Medical Center, Philippines.


My succeeding chemo was in MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX, USA.



I had 6 chemotherapy and an autologous stem cell transplant (SCT). Autologous means that I donated my own blood myself.


Before SCT, I had apheresis.


Apheresis is the process of removing the blood plasma from the body via the apheresis machine. 


The blood goes through tubes as it is extracted and separates the stem cells while the rest of the blood goes back to the body. 


Can you imagine all your blood extracted from you? The body feels extremely cold during this process so it is covered with layers of very warm blankets.


The collected blood is put in cryopreserve to be used for the stem cell transplant (a blood transfusion) after the final chemotherapy to blast off the remaining undetected cancer cells.

SCT can only be done if there are no more cancer cells detected. To make sure, my doctors prescribed chemotherapy 6 times for good measure.


Cancer is hell! 


Chemo makes it worse. 


It is an experience no one ever wants to go through. 


I don’t wish it for anyone, even for my enemies. 


Wait, I do not have any enemies. lol!


And yet, I felt God closest to me in my worst trying times. 


I had a boost of faith and so much peace like never before. 


Cancer was unforgettable. 


God’s Power is remarkable. 


His Grace is amazing.




One week before my chemotherapy was to begin, Dr. Mylene, my sister, called me up from New York while she was on a medical assignment.


She recommended that I should drink this powerful tea.


It was an instant nod of the head response. 


Zero resistance.


I was ready to try anything.


The most immediate and consistent positive effect of this tea right after drinking it is to feel a boost of energy.


As sure as gravity, chemotherapy lowers down the blood count, which exposes the patient to infections and complications. 


A few days after my first chemotherapy, as expected by the doctors, my blood count dipped down to a critical level that made them consider stopping my chemotherapy.


It’s ironic that though the doctors expect the blood count to go down, they do not really have a solution except to consider injecting me with another medication, a hormone to induce blood count to go up.


Sometimes this works, many times it doesn’t. There’s no certainty.


In my case, I asked for another week to wait it out and pray before they halt my chemotherapy. 


My doctor allowed me…


Yet he needed about 50,000 platelets to put me on the safe level.


I had no idea that this tea has high chlorophyll content similar in composition with the human blood cells and therefore rejuvenates and produces healthy blood cells.


I prayed for a miracle.


The following week…


My blood count rose to 60,000 which is 10,000 more than the target count. 




In my observation, it took about a week of drinking one liter of this natural tea before my blood count went up and maintained its safe level all throughout my treatment and to this day.


I remember my sister told me that this natural tea will also protect my liver and kidneys from the ravages of chemotherapy. 


By the way, this tea is fondly called Miracle Tree. Its  nutrient-rich tea maintained my blood count steadily on the save levels which kept me from any infections and complications. 


That certainty was a daily BIG THING despite the moment by moment gamble I had to go through with chemo. 

My medical team checked on my vitals and blood count daily and at critical times by the hour to make sure I survive the stem cell transplant.


It was infinitely more stressful for the medical team to monitor my vital stats compared to the men in Wall Street trading on the ever-fluctuating stocks. 


“Will I live or will I die?”


I fought two killers: cancer and chemotherapy.


In 7 months, I won the tough fight. 


I survived! 


Totally & 100% CANCER-FREE! 


Praise, God!



The drink that helped me a lot during my cancer treatment and recovery…


To this day, I still drink not just one teacup but 1 liter daily...

It’s MORINGA Oleifera LOOSE LEAF TEA, also called the Miracle tree.


Let me tell you, it’s 1,000 times better than green tea, not only in taste but also in nutrient content.


Energy is immediate each time I drink Moringa tea.


Moringa also regulated my bladder and bowel movements, blood circulation, blood pressure, and the works!


Based on actual observations in my body, Moringa has positive effects from head to toe covering all the body systems.


All the positive effects that counteracted my chemo side effects, I attribute to Moringa tea. 


How did I find out? 


Many ask me what I did that kept me from infections and complications.


After about 7 years of repeated conversations with different people who inquired... 


Plus, my curiosity and concern to share with others the marvelous news of Moringa…


It compelled me to read over 300 scientific research to authenticate and understand the health benefits of Moringa and how it worked in my body.

This self-discovery and learning have prodded me to write a book titled, “Live the Moringa Miracle.”


To name a few, here are some positive effects of Moringa tea:


1.Energy booster - The most obvious positive and immediate effect that I noticed from drinking Moringa tea is that I am energized despite the ravages of chemo. 


It helps me a lot as well in my recovery.


2.Health Shield to our Body Systems - After 6 chemotherapy and Autologous Stem Cell Transplant… 


And despite the central venous catheter that was installed directly to my heart for the massive infusion of powerful medications…


It surprised me that my kidneys, liver, heart, lungs, and the rest of my body organs are still normal.


  1. Moringa's Positive Effects Overpower Chemo Side Effects - My side effects were minimal compared to the normal cancer patients.


  1. Boosts Immune System and Blood Count - My blood count registered consistently on the safe levels all throughout my treatment because of the daily and optimal intake of Moringa tea.


Moringa tea spared me from any infections...


  1. The Best All-Around Nutrient Supplier - Based on my periodic cancer blood tests biannually for the past 7 years after surviving cancer…


Results showed that I have complete nutrients ~ healthy blood = healthy body!


Including vitamin D (usually sourced from the sun) even though I avoid the sun due to potential cancer risks caused by my medications.


  1. Fantastic Hair Growth - My hair grew fast. Be bold with Moringa, for it will treat chemo-doused baldness.


  1. Effective Bone Development - My bones continue to heal, evidenced by periodic bone scans and X-rays. 


  1. Digestive Health- Cure for Constipation - Moringa ensured my normal bowel movement despite the side effects of chemo, that normally disrupts peeing and pooping.


  1. Cure for Hyperacidity / Ulcer - Amazingly, in the third year of my drinking Moringa tea daily…


Even my hyperacidity which plagued me since childhood and should have worsened due to the acidity and toxicity of chemo has been resolved. 


My gut is no longer acidic and I can now drink fresh orange juice with an empty stomach.


  1. Brain Health -  The daily drink of Moringa is a wonderful treatment against the effects of chemo brain. 


The synergistic effect of all the amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and phytonutrients that include so many antioxidants, collaborate powerfully to improve brain functions such as cognition, memory retention, clarity in thinking, and more. 


Moringa has been proven to help Alzheimer patients, and people who have ADD, ADHD, and other mental disorders.


As an educator and therapist for children with special needs, I have assessed the terrible effects of chemo on my brain function. 


Surprisingly, my doctors and caregivers do not notice it as they deem my mind to be sharp with a wonderful memory. 


I have observed my mild lapses personally. 


However, the daily and constant drink throughout the day of Moringa really helps my mental functions: focus, alertness, clarity, cognition, memory, ~ and more.


I would not have been able to set up my online businesses and learn so many new things without my Moringa beside me.



(Here are some testimonials of our Regular Moringa Tea Drinkers)













  • Would-be parents who aspire to be fertile
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • Babies, children, teenagers, adults
  • Senior citizens
  • The sick - with varying illnesses:  Moringa is the Navy Seal Team of all plants and herbs that combats stealthy health issues
  • The healthy - Moringa is the ideal health shield to stay healthy
  • Animals also benefit from this mighty plant
  • Just like mothers, lactating pets can improve their milk production with Moringa



All kinds of medications, even natural supplements have a limit to the body’s intake and also have potential side effects.


In contrast, Moringa tea has all positive effects. It is the cheapest and healthiest multi-nutrient supplement that anyone can take with powerful results backed by centuries of tried and tested treatment.


The world deserves to discover this wonderful gift from God to give them the opportunity for good health, healing, and hope at very affordable prices.