Here’s a natural drink that is SAFE, time-tested, and proven to be highly EFFECTIVE, to boost your health…

Discover the Energy-boosting DRINK that my Doctors allowed me to take as a natural supplement DURING MY CHEMO

And why it is the best health shield, multi-nutrient, and energy drink both for the sick and anyone who desires to maintain good health...


Dear reader,


Cancer and the lack of energy because of extreme weakness and bone pain were my 2 biggest challenges in 2012.


I know that I am not alone, for cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United States.


The global billion-dollar sales on energy drinks reflect the high global demand for a daily source of energy. All kinds of individuals, young and old, athletic, healthy, and most especially those with health challenges, desperately need energy.



It has been obvious that many human inventions have a side effect, especially when taken in increased dosage and sustained over periods of time.


Wouldn’t life be perfect if God created a wonder plant that has all the multiple nutrients a person needs to combat disease with 100% positive effects and zero side effects?



Wouldn’t it be ideal if such a plant would be affordable and available for everyone?


Well, friend, I discovered that such a plant exists!


This is no hype, but 100% true. Read on or jump to the information below... and decide for yourself.


To present this with you is my grateful contribution to humanity after surviving cancer.


Allow me to share with you a too good to be true but IT IS TRUE all-natural tonic that I’ve been drinking for 7 consecutive years now…


How I learned about it and allowed me to live a life of wellness, drug-free...


How my healing and recovery kept me debt-free for this wonderful plant is available and affordable for all kinds of people from those stricken with poverty all the way to royalty.


And why I vouch for it so much.


I even volunteered as an advocate! 🙂




Looking back, my unexpected cancer diagnosis began sneakily in 2006 when I started eating GMO chicken and fruits during my master studies in Maryland, USA.


I was so busy making a living that I was unaware that I was slowly killing myself with my hyper multi-tasking lifestyle.


Born and raised in the Philippines, I was at war with GMO long before it became a household name. Conscious about my diet, I always ate native chicken and natural produce sourced from reliable farmers in the Philippines. I veered away from synthetics.


Since my masters course was so expensive, I compromised my diet. Back then, organic was just starting to be available in conventional groceries at an exorbitant price.


My cheap decision turned out to be the costliest mistake I have ever committed in my life. Deadly beyond dramatic. Dumb to be exact. Doom almost became my destiny.


June 2006, on the month I finished my master studies, my health started slipping into the slopes of deterioration.


Seemingly innocuous symptoms plagued me yet with less attention-grabbing force than a red pimple popping on the tip of one’s nose, so most of the time, I ignored it.


At other times, I sought medical attention. Alas, the medical experts seemed clueless and negated it as insignificant.


I was highly functional but glitchy. The series of pain was tolerable. Though it did not cause panic, it became chronic.


It started with tiny red rashes in June 2006.


Unusual migraine that would not wane hit me in January 2007. An MRI brain scan showed nothing significant. My doctor prescribed codeine to ease the nagging migraines.


Midyear of 2007, my family doctor found unusual spikes in my liver during a routine annual blood test. After 4 series of blood tests and still uninformed of the cause, I ignored her. 


In 2008, eczema became more frequent. It escalated as red protrusions with pus covered every inch of my limbs. I was on the verge of a serious infection.


When natural remedies failed, I sought an expert allergologist who prescribed powerful drugs that disqualified me from getting pregnant because it would kill the fetus at the onset.


According to him, I had the worst case of eczema he had ever seen. He asked my permission if he could take a  photo of my limbs for publication in a medical journal.


Believe me, it was THAT BAD!


In hindsight, the secret invader had compromised my immunity and my skin was screaming warning signs at me. Even I was clueless.


If I knew about this wonder plant known to treat eczema during this time, I would not have sold my soul to the bedeviled drugs.


If you are a slave to drugs for pain relief, you better read on and not duplicate my mistake.


The drugs treated my rashes but my doctor could not identify the cause of my eczema but I knew that it was diet-related.


I changed my diet drastically. I avoided GMO. 


Life after eczema resembled that of Raggedy Ann (the rag doll of my yesteryears). As my skin cleared over the course of 2 years, and the itchiness waned. Oh, but my bones weakened. I didn’t pay attention to the side effects of the drugs.


My hands donned braces as my wrist felt like it had carpal syndrome.


Constant neck stiffness, upper shoulder soreness, and lower back pain plagued me, which cost me weekly sessions with the chiropractor. He could not crack my case, but his treatment gave me temporary relief.


X-rays revealed my crooked spine. This was nothing new since I had lordosis (an abnormal forward curvature of the vertebral column) since I was a teenager.


An echocardiogram, a 24- hour Holter monitor, and a cardiologist could not identify the cause of my unusual heart palpitations. 


“What is going on with my body?” Only God knew. The human experts were clueless.


For 5 years, my health had become a mystery unsolved, a puzzle piece gone missing.


In April to May 2012, I fainted several times in a day. I thought I was suffering from extreme anemia. I have always been anemic as a child and used to have episodic vertigo and migraine in times of stress and heat. The only difference was that I was fainting at home for no apparent reason.


In October 2012, I traveled to the Philippines to visit my parents and to check on the school I established for two weeks.


A few minutes before landing, I started having terrible neck pain and migraine. I popped 2 herbal pills. The pain dissipated.


Upon landing, my left ribs hurt. I could feel its sudden protrusion.


My lower back hurt and I could no longer bend my knees.


I wondered what the cause was.


Busyness distracted me to focus on my physical uneasiness. However, I scheduled for an MRI scan at Makati Medical Center before I planned to travel back to Houston.


On November 10, 2012,  during a business lunch, I broke into cold sweats and had a tummy explosion. I cancelled the meeting to go home to rest.


An acupressure massage relieved me.


The following day, revived after a good night rest, I traveled to  Naga City, Camarines Sur, a province south of Luzon, Philippines, to meet my father for a reunion in his hometown. My elder sister Lalaine traveled with me.


On the second day of our trip, my lower back seemed so stiff that it compelled me to have a bed rest the whole day. I felt like Pinocchio. I could barely walk. Lalaine was my crutch each time I had to get out of bed to pee.


Together, our flight back to Manila was slated for the following day.  So we prayed for my healing.


As the sun rose on November 12, 2012, I got up early to prepare for our trip. My back seemed okay. A dust tickled my nose and so I sneezed, “Ahhh---”


In that half second, I never finished “---choo!” as I screamed “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” in strident decibels that scared the hell out of my sister, so she screamed along.


I thought I broke my back. Who would have thought a sneeze could be so dangerously life shattering?


We baby stepped our way to the closest bed, which was 3 meters away.


Make the story short, I was bedridden for 7 days. My back was not paralyzed but I minimized my movement. Every micro move was like an earthquake to my bones.


Diapers have become my fashion. Codeine became my daily diet. To lie in bed supine made me feel fine.


It took 7 days to convince my family to get me an emergency plane to fly me back to Manila so I could have an MRI. There was no way I could get up. Not faith or positivity. This was my new destiny.


Hi, I’m Marita V. Pierce. I was  a school owner,  educator, and a therapist for kids with special needs before cancer slammed me so suddenly.


For 45 years, I was relatively “healthy” and I have never been hospitalized.


Everyone thought I had a slip disc. What else could it be?


Twelve men carried my 95 pound fragile body into a stretcher, wheeled me in a slow-moving ambulance as every bump on the road was hell to my bones, and strapped me in an emergency evac plane.


It was the most horrendous flight of my life as I screamed in pain while they lifted me all the way to the ambulance, and into the plane.


A few milligrams of morphine could not numb the pain. And so, before takeoff, the doctor generously injected a higher dosage. Only God knows how much, as it knocked me out... only to awaken me during the landing and the screaming session ensued.


That was November 18, 2012. My first day at the hospital. All the days succeeding became a blur after that.


It took  7 days, and a battery of tests ranging from MRI, PET and X-ray scans and daily blood tests extracted several times in a day before 9 doctors put together the puzzles of mystery that have eluded me for 6 years.


The diagnosis was stage 4 incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma.


Yep, you read it right.


There was no cure.


Have you ever heard of this cancer before?


Multiple myeloma is the cancer of the plasma blood. It is the overproduction of useless blood caused by a rogue cancer protein cell that thins the bones to deterioration.


People interchangeably refer to it as bone cancer since it weakens the bones to destruction.


The doctors found tumors outside my brain barrier that looked like a crown.



There were lesions all over my bones from skull to toe that looked like polka dots to me on the X-ray film. My holey thinned out bones weakened me and affected my mobility. I could not stand up and support my body.


Thankfully, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, is known for its successful stem cell transplant for multiple myeloma patients. Their goal is to extend the patient’s life to at least 10 years.


A candidate for stem transplant is only qualified if the patient is in remission.


And so, my doctors prescribed aggressive chemotherapy.


Looking back, I realized that God had ordained my move to Houston one year before cancer rudely interrupted my life.


The plan was to follow the protocol at MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, so I could continue my treatment as soon as I could travel back home.





My doctors were in panic mode because of the intensity of my aggressive cancer, but they were positive that they could arrest the stage 4 multiple myeloma with chemotherapy.


The immediate goal for the first chemotherapy was to strengthen my bones so I could sit down, be able to get out of bed,  walk, and move independently.


Chemotherapy prescription multiplied my enemies.


First, to fight cancer and the bone pain that it was causing.


Second, endure the killer drugs that would kill not only my cancer cells but also part of my good cells.


Mind you, during my pre-cancer days, I could not even survive the mildest over-the-counter painkillers. Because of that, I have learned to resort to acupressure massage, homeopathic remedies and anything organic instead of synthetic analgesics.


Irony of ironies, after about two decades of avoidance, I allowed myself to take in a massive amount of deadly chemical drugs intended to extend my life ~ a drug addict’s dream, my nightmare!


Chemotherapy is a calculated gamble with no certainty. I needed 100% faith in God and trust in my medical team. Got that!


Third, escape the toxicity in various forms caused by these pharmaceutical drugs. I had to sign a waiver that contained over 10 pages of the side effects and the likely cause of death in my decision. The worst life gamble ever!


Many patients do not even survive the first cycle of chemo. Quite a number live to conquer cancer, only to fall victim to lifelong diseases caused by the ravages of chemical invasion.


What are the odds in my favor? The “incurable” condition was also tipping the scale beyond scary.


Fourth, as sure as gravity, chemotherapy will sap my energy and lower my immunity. How in the world am I supposed to fight when I am weak?


Compound this complication further with the uncertainty of the treatment’s success. My prospects were bleak.


The impossibilities in my reality were perfect ingredients for a miracle.


I live to tell you I not only conquered cancer by God’s Grace as He used my expert medical team and their advanced technology. I believe that this


wonder plant supplemented my treatment and spared me from the hellish side effect.


This miracle plant led me to encounter a string of awe-inspiring miracles. Read on. 😉


The “miracles” that I refer to are the actual occurrences that happened to me which were the positive opposite of the expected negative effects of the conventional drugs infused in me.


“How did my miracle happen?”


One week before my chemotherapy began, my elder sister, Dr. Mylene V. Matti,  who was in N.Y. during her medical stint, called me up.


She recommended that I should drink Moringa oleifera loose leaf tea.


What I remember her saying was that it will protect my liver and kidneys from toxicity.


It was an instant nod of the head response.


Zero resistance.


I was ready to try anything.


Of course, the whole essence of this story is to discover what the Moringa dried loose leaf tea did to me so you can live a healthy life naturally.


Before I proceed with my story, allow me to introduce you to this wonderful plant, fondly called The Miracle Tree across all cultures that date back to antiquity.


You will have a better understanding of its scientific health benefits and relevance to your life when you get to know its inherent properties; and appreciate the miracles I lived to share with you which can be duplicated in your life.


I only discovered all these scientific facts 3 years after I survived cancer.


Many people inquired about what I did to avoid infections and what I took that counteracted the toxicity of my chemical induced medical treatment.


I knew the “What” but not the “Why” and the “How”.


Curiosity propelled me to research over 300 scientific data to understand the science behind the Miracle Tree.


The “WOW” and the “How” inspired me to write a book about my cancer and recovery and how this Miracle Tree blessed me from head to toe, reaping so many health benefits.


To date, the book is soon to be published. You are reading a preview.


“Meet Moringa, The Miracle Tree”

There are many trees but there is only one named the Miracle Tree

Its historical potency goes all the way back to antiquity


Just by drinking one liter of this tea daily, I lived the miracles, the unexpected out-of-the-ordinary wonders of a life of health free from maintenance drugs.


“What is Moringa Oleifera?”


Moringa oleifera Lam. is its scientific name.


Let’s call it Moringa, for short.



This plant is native to India. It is widely cultivated in tropical and subtropical countries, particularly Africa,  the Philippines, many Asian countries, the Middle East, Oceania,  Central and South America, North America (particularly the Caribbean and some states in the Mainland United States.)



Moringa is the most known, most studied, most distributed, and most used species from its monogenous family of 13 species from the Moringaceae family.


It is an evergreen perennial deciduous fast-growing plant that thrives even in the aridest lands. It flourishes with minimal to zero human attention.


Every part of this plant is edible.


Every part has multiple uses that benefit not only the humans but other animals, plants, and the environment.


Every part is safe and non-toxic. The bark may need further studies. However, history accounts that all the plant parts, including the bark, have been consumed safely by natives where these trees flourish as food and medicine for centuries.


Moringa's high functionality has a remarkable impact on society, the economy, culture, and many types of industries.


“How can Moringa tea improve your health?”

The focus of this article is the Moringa dried loose leaves.


While every part of the plant is teeming with high concentration and wide variety of nutrients, the leaves of Moringa oleifera is the most nutritious part of the plant. 


Experts have extolled the Moringa leaves extolled as Nature’s Pharmacy because it is a treasury of multiple nutrients at very high concentrations essential for one’s good health.


Moringa has the essential macronutrients and micronutrients plus a host of phytonutrients to boost your health.


Its nutrient score is unmatchable, as of this writing.



  • Moringa has the highest protein source with excellent digestibility compared to any other plant. 


  • Forty percent (40%) of its leaves are made of protein, very rare for a plant. It is a COMPLETE PROTEIN PLANT.


  • Amino acids are the building blocks of protein vital to our healthy function:
    • metabolism (all body processes required to maintain life)
      • also functions as antioxidants, antiaging, antiallergy, anticancer, and more
    • growth, repair and maintenance of body tissues (bones, organs, everything inside of you!), enzymes, hormones, and other essential body substances
    • energy source


  • Moringa  has ALL the  (9) essential amino acids that our body cannot produce these, so we source it from foods
    • Leucine
    • Isoleucine
    •  Valine
    •  Methionine
    •  Phenylalanine
    •  Lysine
    •  Threonine
    •  Tryptophan
    • Histidine


  • Moringa has  9 out of 11 of the non-essential amino acids that a healthy body can also produce
    • Alanine
    • Arginine
    • Aspartic Acid
    • Cysteine
    • Glutamic Acid
    • Glycine
    • Proline
    • Serine
    • Tyrosine
  • The interaction of all these 18 amino acids synthesize more powerful amino acids that serve as health boosters.
    • Many pharmaceutical and other industrial companies use these amino acids massively as a principal ingredient in their products (ex. energy drinks, sleep-inducers and relaxants, anti-allergy, cosmetics, antiaging, antioxidants, etc.)
    • Here are some synthesized compounds produced by the essential and non-essential amino acid, most of which are also amino acids
      • Cystine
      • Glutathione
      • Taurine
      • Dopamine
      • Norepinephrine
      • Histamine
      • Carnosine
      • Serotonin
      • Melatonin
      • Glutamine
      • Proline
      • Ornithine
      • Nitric oxide
      • Pheomelanin
      • Melanine
      • Epinephrine
      • Thyroid hormones T3 (Triiodothyronine)
      • Thyroid hormones T4 (Thyroxine)


  • Moringa is a significant source of the good kind yet low fat.
    • True to its name, this oil-containing tree is rich in superb quality oils valuable for human health and global commerce.
    • The Moringa leaves and pods contain 1-5% fats.
    • The monounsaturated fatty acid found in Moringa leaves is composed of a single double bond between the carbons.
    • One double bond means that the oil is less susceptible to oxidation, which contributes substantially to the antioxidant powers of Moringa.
    • Vitamin F comprises essential oils (polyunsaturated fatty acids) that contribute significantly to brain and heart health, namely:
      • alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)
      • linoleic acid (LA)
  • Moringa is a low source of carbohydrates - easy to digest but high in nutrition.
    • Its carbohydrates are monosaccharides (simple sugars) that are easily  absorbed directly into the bloodstream, providing blood glucose.
    • The complex carbohydrates found in other vegetables, beans and peas, whole grains that make bread and pasta take longer to digest.
    • The simple carbohydrates found in processed foods or those with added sugar increase calorie content but not nutritional benefit.
    • The carbohydrates in Moringa are the sweet powersource of energy: Its metabolic interaction with the multiple nutrients inherent in the leaves produce so much energy





  • Moringa has a top content level  of  ALL the 7 types of vitamins:
    • Vitamin A
    • Vitamin A (Beta Carotene or ProVitamin A)
    • Vitamin B Complex (7 of the 9 Vitamin B’s)
      • Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)
      • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin)
      • Vitamin B3 (Niacin/Nicotinic acid)
      • Vitamin B3 (Nicotinamide)
      • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
      • Vitamin B7 (Biotin)
      • Vitamin B9 (Folate)
    • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid)
    • Vitamin D (Cholecalciferol)
    • Vitamin E (α-Tocopherol/alpha-Tocopherol)
    • Vitamin E (γ-tocopherol/ gamma - Tocopherol)
    • Vitamin E (σ-tocopherol/ sigma-Tocopherol)
    • Vitamin K (Phylloquinone)


  • Moringa has  6 of the 7 of  the macrominerals in high concentration:
    • Calcium
    • Magnesium
    • Phosphorus
    • Potassium
    • Sodium
    • Sulfur


  • Moringa  has 5 of the 10 of the microminerals in high amount:
    • Copper
    • Iron
    • Manganese
    • Selenium
    • Zinc




  • Bloggers have often quoted that Moringa has 49 phytonutrients. Recent studies show that this is no longer true!
  • Current research reveals that  Moringa HAS OVER 49 PHYTONUTRIENTS.
  • The list is too many to mention here as it reaches more than a hundred.
  • Moringa also has a unique number of  highly potent phytonutrients specific only to the family of Moringa that is teeming with pharmacological properties.
  • Phytonutrients have a multiplicity of function. A lot of these potent phytochemicals function as: 
    • Antioxidants and detox agents
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Anticancer
    • Anti-aging
    • Antimicrobial (fights against bacteria, virus, fungi, parasites/helminths)
      • COVID 19 included
  • Though these bioactive compounds contribute significantly to human health, it is not classified as essential as protein, lipids (fats), carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals because the body needs less of these compared to the essential nutrients. 


  • One phytonutrient star is chlorophyll. Moringa has a very high chlorophyll content.
    • The chlorophyll in Moringa has a similar composition to the special protein, hemoglobin, found in the red blood cells of the human blood.
    • Hemoglobin is the oxygen transporter that brings it from the lungs to the rest of the body and then returns carbon dioxide from the body to the lungs.
    • The chlorophyll is rich in magnesium and high in oxygen, which contributes to the overall health of every human body system.


  • Because of all the above-cited nutrients, Moringa is a tea-rrific ENERGY booster because of its calorific content. It is also ideal for weight-watchers.


Every nutrient mentioned above and compounds synthesized from it comprise the power-packed nutrient-rich composition in every tiny yet terrific Moringa leaf.



Each leaf, therefore, has bioactive powers that benefit EVERY BODY SYSTEM from head to toe, offering both nutritive and medicinal properties.


Incredible, but true!



Moringa is the ideal health shield for every body system that works together for your optimal health.

  • Nervous System
  • Cardiovascular / Circulatory System
    • includes the Lymphatic / Immune System
  • Respiratory System
  • Digestive System
  • Renal/Urinary (excretory) System
  • MusculoSkeletal System
    • Muscular System
    • Skeletal System
  • Endocrine System
  • Integumentary/Exocrine System
  • Reproductive System

With that brief glorious introduction, please allow me to dive right back into my story as I weave the Moringa Miracle into it.


I attribute all the benefits I will cite to Moringa’s multiple nutrients working together as one received from my daily drink of  brewed dried Moringa loose leaf tea.


YOU CAN ENJOY THE MORINGA BENEFITs just by the simple daily practice of drinking one liter a day of brewed Moringa loose leaf tea for optimal potency.


Let’s go back to my cancer story...




Cancer is hell!


Chemo makes it worse.


But oh, Moringa oleifera buffered me from the side effects.


You see it happen too often. While chemotherapy may eradicate cancer,  so many good cells also die, which cause terrible side effects and lifelong illnesses. Sometimes chemotherapy fails, and the patient dies.


A scientist revealed a discovery that supported my assumption of Moringa’s intelligent divine design ~ Unlike chemo drugs, Moringa can distinguish the cancer cells from the good cells.


Moringa only attacks the cancer cells.


I know this to be true as have experienced it.


When supplemented with chemotherapy, Moringa  works in tandem with the drugs to complement its  cancer-killing goal.


Moringa also serves as the ideal HEALTH SHIELD to protect one’s body organs and tissues from the explosive impact of carnage caused by chemo and/or chemical drugs.


This is a spectacular positive effect of Moringa which I significantly benefited from. Thank God for the gift of the Miracle tree.


According to my doctors, I was spared from the harsh onslaught of my toxic drugs.


And yet, the minimal side effects that hit me were still unforgettably dreadful.





As sure as gravity, chemo drugs suck out one’s energy like a nail that pokes holes in a tire.

The most immediate effect of drinking Moringa tea is that it halts the energy-sapping leak caused by the drugs and gives you a power boost of energy.


It is interesting to note that the effects of chemo are cumulative. The more you take it, the weaker you get. Each infusion becomes harder.


Drinking one liter a day of Moringa tea is also cumulative. You build up Moringa-generated power and get stronger by the day the more you drink its optimal dosage.


The daily diligent drinking of Moringa is like:

  • like building your muscle of power and resistance to toxins
  • depositing reserves of fuel as your natural currency to save yourself


Just like a gas to a vehicle, the more you refuel with Moringa, the more energy you will have.


Moringa became my daily super natural fuel during my cancer treatment.



Moringa contributes and speeds up the healing and recovery beyond the normal rate and goes above the expected medical and conventional outcomes.



To this day, it supplies me super all-natural energy.


Moringa tea overpowers all the commercialized energy drinks

  • Moringa is more effective at a fraction of the cost.
  • It has a plethora of nutrients compared to the limited nutrients of energy drinks, mostly which may even be synthetic and has side effects when taken over lengthy periods of time.
    • Moringa contains in perfectly natural form and in higher levels the leading ingredient of energy drinks called Taurine, an amino acid synthesized from Cysteine.
  • The benefits of Moringa as a natural energy drink compared to packaged energy drinks (including those labeled natural or organic.)
    • It hydrates fully and nourishes the body holistically.
    • It has zero caffeine.
    • Free from chemicals
    • No side effects, all positive and no negative effects

Proven fact: Moringa is a Health Shield to our Body Systems 


Natural Combat Against Diseases

In the war against cancer, Moringa was my cavalry ~ my all-in-one arsenal of natural yet powerful nutrients that defended me against 6-10 drugs administered to me at varying quantities per chemo cycle.


When the chemical drugs took offense, Moringa was my defense. It minimized the side effects of the synthetic drugs that I ingested.


By divine design, Moringa amazed me on how it complemented the good function of chemo by jointly killing my cancer cells and yet counteracted the drugs by protecting my good cells from its adverse effects.


Terrific ORGAN-ic

After 6 chemotherapy and an Autologous Stem Cell Transplant (SCT), all my body organs remained unscathed to this day.


I am drug free since the day I checked out of the hospital after my SCT.


Passing Life Tests

As of this writing, my bi-annual cancer blood tests show that I have been cancer-free for 8 years.


Legacy of Moringa

My cancer blood tests reveal that I have complete nutrients from A-Z. This is incredible!


Many “normal” people are deficient in one, two, or more nutrients. That was my case during my pre-cancer days as I was anemic with episodic bouts of migraine and vertigo. Add to that my hyperacidity issues.



Proven Fact: Moringa is Neuroprotective



When the full power of Moringa kicked in, about 7 days after my first cycle of chemo started, the peripheral neuropathy I experienced wore off.




Thankfully, I was not paralyzed although every move was excruciating. I laid still in bed with a complex web of tubes filled with a variety of painkillers.


It took about 6 months after SCT before I could bend my back without hurting myself.



Upon my initial diagnosis, my orthopedic doctor gave me a neck and back brace. During my first chemo, she was so concerned with the fragility of my neck so she required me not to turn my neck even if I stayed on bed 100% of the time


Two months later, after my second chemo, my MD Anderson doctors released me from all my body braces.



My mind remained sharp and alert throughout my cancer treatment. My doctors did not detect the effects of chemo brain, although I have noted lapses.


The Moringa therapy eases the chemo brain effects. It enhances mental functions: focus, alertness, clarity, memory retention, cognition, among so many other benefits.


I would not have been able to set up my online businesses and delve deeply in scholarly research to publish my books without my Moringa beside me.



Proven Fact: Moringa is Cardioprotective



The number one risk for all the medications prescribed to me during my cancer treatment was heart failure. 


The combined multiple drugs plus the central venous catheter installed into my heart increased my risk to 100%.


My life was in double jeopardy.



And yet, though outnumbered, Moringa overpowered the toxicity of chemo and deleted the possibility of a heart attack even though it was statistically highly probable.



As sure as sunset, chemotherapy lowers down the blood count, which exposes the patient to infections and complications.


On my first chemo cycle, my blood count dipped into threateningly low levels that almost made my doctor stop my chemo. I requested him to give me a week longer to see how my body would fare.


The only thing I did was drink Moringa tea. Its cumulative effect on the second week of my chemo increased my platelets to 10,000 more than the needed amount which allowed me to finish my chemo with flying colors.


I didn’t know that this tea that I’ve been drinking has high chlorophyll content similar in composition with the human blood cells and therefore helps rejuvenate and produce healthy blood cells.


God did a miracle with the help of His Miracle Tea creation~Moringa!




Moringa boosted my immunity.


My blood count registered consistently on the safe levels. This kept me from any infections and complications.


Thankfully, I was stable all throughout my treatment because of the daily and optimal intake of Moringa tea.


Proven Fact: Moringa is a champion for the Respiratory system



To qualify for stem cell transplant, I was subjected  to a grueling battery of lung tests. The nutrient-rich Moringa tea helped me pass all of it.


During the final chemo, the nurses checked my vitals by the hour to make sure that my lungs were operating well.


Next to heart failure,  collapsed lungs were the common side effect of all the drugs.


Again, Moringa was my ally against all the odds, fighting the contradictory forces to defend my respiratory.

Proven Fact: Moringa is the defender of the Digestive system


The volume and toxicity of cancer drugs stressed my liver in breaking down so many inorganic chemicals during my cancer treatment. Evidently, the hepatoprotective  power of Moringa kept my liver normal.



Three years after the constant drinking of Moringa, despite the saturation of acidic medications, I discovered that my gut became alkaline. How glorious to be free from the monstrous acids that hounded me since I was ten.  Farewell ulcer!


What a blessed surprise!


I have become GUTsy as I can now drink fresh orange juice with an empty stomach. I eat more fresh salads and fruits that I could not do before. Oh, the joys of a healthy gut!



Proven Fact: Moringa protects the Urinary system



Moringa ensured my normal bowel movement even though one of the leading side effects of chemo is constipation and problems with urination..




My kidneys are still normal, no kidding!



Moringa assisted my kidneys to balance the chemicals in my body. It was a fantastic juggling act to make sure I had the right amount of water, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and all the rest of the gang to ensure kidney health.


Such are the fantastic outcomes of ingesting a power plant called Moringa as its inherent array of nutrients worked together in perfect synergy for my good health.



Although chemo drugs disrupt the renal system, Moringa overrides it with its diuretic feature.


The constant hydration of water and Moringa tea flush the toxins away and lessens the impact of side effects.


Did you know that frequent flushing, the diuretic effect of Moringa, regulates blood pressure, heart rate, and all the other vital signs, to keep your stats at a safe level?


Just the ordinary function of the urinary and excretory kept me away from the emergency room. Moringa made all my body organs happy and healthy even during cancer. Amazing!




Moringa’s diuretic feature kept me from developing edema as the constant toilet trips prevented the influx of too much chemo fluids to build up.


Proven Fact: Moringa builds the MusculoSkeletal system



Moringa significantly collaborated with my cancer treatment and successfully strengthened my “holey” bones as it sealed my lesions from my skull to the tip of my toes.



For one who was bedridden for almost 2 months and needed assistance to get out of bed and to move, I have come a long way.


My movements are elementary, but they are monumental. To move freely without assistive devices makes me grateful every second of my life.


Each day is an opportunity for my fragile bones to develop. Although I may not be able to hop, skip, jump, do Pilates and tap dance, just to walk, do house chores, and carry lightweight things is liberating.


One effect of cancer to my body is osteoporosis. I may look normal but I am like Humpty Dumpty if I fall.


With full confidence in Moringa, I have convinced my doctor to spare from osteoporosis medications as long as I show annual improvement in my bone scans and blood tests.


My yearly bone scans and x-rays continue to show progressive bone development and free from lesions and cancer cells.


More important than the tests are my daily, independent, and practical abilities and mobility.




It is an enormous relief to be free from caries.


While I was bedridden, drugged up and could barely move, I did not brush my teeth for about a month. 



Who thinks of dental health at the throes of death? Not me!


I am beyond grateful to be free from cavities and for my mobility.



Proven Fact: Moringa supports the Integumentary system



Moringa will make you bold even if you go bald…



Your hair and nails will grow so fast, as if you never lost it.


These wonder leaves will bring back the shine in your hair and in your skin that will make people wonder.


Moringa has the same ingredients but in a natural form that commercialized and expensive cosmetics and skin care products (ex. glutathione) contain and charge at a premium price.


The profound difference is that Moringa is more potent, poses no risk, and kind to the pocket.


Proven Fact: Moringa safeguards the Reproductive system



The harsh chemo lowered my fertility, but my doctor was confident that they could still save so he advised me to have it preserved before the last blast of chemo that will fry my eggs.


My gravest mistake was not to persuade my OB-GYN to preserve my eggs. She deemed my low infertility caused by the toxic drugs as an impossibility.


Oh, well! To survive cancer is one “Big Thank You” that overrides the trivial.



To women with cancer: Moringa boosts the fertility and improves lactation of breastfeeding mothers. Remember to drink Moringa and save your eggs from chemo!


Proven Fact: Moringa safeguards the Endocrine system


Chemotherapy propelled me to early menopause.


Other than that, all my hormones are under control.


Did you know that Moringa is a mood enhancer? It is antidepressant.


Aside from my faith in Jesus Christ, the Moringa tea therapy kept me from depression even though 100% of my drugs cause depression.


Being a volunteer advocate of GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, the producer of the Moringa tea that I drink, is very fulfilling as I take part in supporting poor communities and help them have a chance for a better life.


To witness fellow cancer patients conquer the side effects of chemotherapy and experience the same healing and recovery that I did through Moringa Miracle tea is gratifying.


There you have it, practical and irrefutable multiple proof of how Moringa helped me in my cancer treatment and its continued health benefits in my recovery.


If the staggering scientific data and my personal account do not convince you, perhaps the opinion of the experts will.


“What do experts say about Moringa?”



The World Health Organization (WHO) has been studying and using the Moringa plant as a health enhancer for the several decades now, some claim it to be 50.



After years of research, Dr. Dennis Clark, a leading expert on plant natural products, chemistry, and integrative medicine, identified Moringa as one of the SuperFoods of the world because of its impressive multiple nutrients found at the highest levels compared to other plants.



Dr. Monica Marcu, scientist, researcher, and doctor of pharmacy acknowledged the amazing nutritive and curative properties of Moringa in her book titled “Miracle Tree.”  



The ancient sages of Ayurvedic Medicine, the oldest healthcare in the world, documented that  the Moringa Tree is a “cure for 300 diseases” and refers to Moringa as the Miracle Tree.




Current conventional medicine is catching up with the ancients since today’s scientific research is validating Moringa’s positive effects.


Over the past decades, more scientific research are published in scientific journals confirming the prophylactic (preventive)  and therapeutic (curative) powers of Moringa.



“Is Moringa SAFE?”


The Moringa oleifera leaves are SAFE and Non-toxic.


Dr. Marcu declared, “Absolutely no negative effects to daily consumption of Moringa leaves…have ever been reported.”


All the scientific data agree on this important issue.


Does Moringa cause allergic reactions?

Although each person may react differently, to date, there has been NO evidence that Moringa causes allergic reactions. In fact,  for centuries Moringa is known to counteract certain allergic reactions.


Does Moringa’s antinutrients pose health risks?

Just like any well-constructed plant, Moringa has antinutrients that serve as its plant defence to ward off herbivores. According to Dr. Mark Olson, Moringa’s low level antinutrients are insignificant to cause any danger. It is further deactivated by heat via cooking or boiling.



Is Moringa Abortifacient? NO, it is not.

The Moringa leaves is a vegetable consumed for centuries and known to be nutritious and therapeutic.


Its performance in helping Philippine and African malnourished pregnant and lactating mothers augment proper nutrition and lactation earned its global name, Mother’s Best Friend. This would not make sense if the Moringa leaves are abortifacient.


People started wondering if Moringa has abortifacient elements when science experiments and capitalistic pursuits explored and revealed potential abortifacient properties from Moringa concentrates and extracts at high doses. More in depth studies are required to prove this.


This is NOT the case for raw Moringa leaves and powder that are very safe to consume in normal dietary doses, provided that it grows in a non-toxic environment.


Is there danger for overdose?

There is no danger if you drink a lot of Moringa tea brewed from the leaves or drink and eat Moringa powdered smoothies and food. Because Moringa is diuretic, there is no fear of ingesting above normal levels.


Can I buy Moringa anywhere and/or eat Moringa that grow in the wild or in urban areas?

For your health and safety, it is advisable to buy Moringa products made by companies of integrity with third party certifications to assure you of product quality, and safe processing, packaging, and all operational methods.


While God created Moringa oleifera to have inherent nutritive and curative properties, it is important that your source of Moringa grows in a healthy environment and processed following the safest of standards.


Any plant that grows in contaminated soil poses a health hazard.


Moringa is a fast-growing plant that can flourish in urban areas, even in rail and roadsides. Any plant that grows in environs exposed to the exhaust fumes of motor vehicles and factories absorb the lead which pose a risk for lead exposure.


Dr. Nelia Maramba, the top toxicologist in the Philippines, warned Filipinos from eating herbal plants that grow in unregulated and exposed urban areas to avoid lead poisoning.


Every step to process a healthy Moringa is critical for a person’s health.


I buy mine from GreenEarth Heritage Foundation, a 501c3 non-stock non-profit organization focused on poverty alleviation, education, and sustainable agricultural practices.

“Learn why drinking Moringa tea is better than any pill supplements?”




Moringa’s  powerhouse of extensive nutrients at high concentration makes it the ideal multi-vitamin and mineral supplement. No other plant or chemical or natural supplement can match this.


You would need to buy a lot of assorted supplements and consciously count its dosage and intended effects  to keep tabs of your nutrient intake. A crazy and impossible feat.




Our body has a limit to how much synthetic and even natural vitamins and supplements it can take. Taking pills has the potential to trigger imbalances as it interacts with other pills.


The consistent and multiple doses of pills affect our body organs, stress our kidneys, liver, heart, and lungs.


Moringa is a wholefood. No supplement can match the natural powers innate in wholefoods, especially one as powerful as Moringa, because its potent nutrients operate as an entire complex of synergistic factors.


In contrast, man-made supplements have limited results with no guarantees to its efficacy.

    • A Harvard Health article cited a study from 68 randomized trials with over 230,00 participants revealed that people who were given vitamin E, beta carotene and vitamin A had a higher risk of death than those who took a placebo.
      • The findings suggest that there is “little overall benefit of the antioxidants in pill form.”
    • Certain studies have shown that synthetic vitamins and minerals may cause nutritional deficiencies rather than provide the benefits expected.
    • In contrast, there are several studies that consuming plant foods rich in antioxidants and other nutrients lowers their risk to diseases.
    • Prolonged use of synthetic supplements can cause harm.




Whether synthetic or supposedly natural pills, your liver would work doubly hard to metabolise it. Your liver only knows two things: organic (easy absorption) or inorganic (stressful exertion). Period.


Moringa, a healthy plant food, has excellent absorption and is excellent in its bioavailability.


Absorption is defined as the amount ingested that goes all the way to the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.

While each nutrient may vary, natural plant-based foods are absorbed 4-10 times better than synthetic supplements.


Bioavailability is the “proportion of the nutrient that is digested, absorbed, and metabolized through the normal pathways.”


It is a fact that a lot of the nutrients, natural or synthetic, are not completely absorbed by the body. Typically, only a part of the dosage of pill goes through your gut.


Absorption and bioavailability further deteriorate for man-made supplements made of poor quality.


The Moringa plant  advantage is that it is more easily absorbed because of its quality composition~ all natural, 100% raw plant, no binder, no fillers, no chemicals.


Its high concentration assures a higher absorption even when a part of it is not utilized.


Take for instance beta-carotene.


Moringa has very high amounts of beta-carotene. If one-third of it is absorbed and only a half of what has been absorbed is converted to vitamin A, you still get enough level for your body’s needs.




The Sanskrit synonym of Moringa is “shigru”, meaning very strong, piercing qualities.


This term aptly describes the superb bioavailability of Moringa.


Moringa is like your trusted partner who is given a carte blanche all-season pass into your entire body system as it easily enters through the blood-brain barrier for maximum bioavailability, efficiently distributing the maximum nutritive and pharmacological properties it offers.



The bigger the number of nutrients in one substance or plant has, the greater the synergy.


Synergy means that the combined interactive effects of the nutrients in the Moringa plant produce an effect GREATER than the sum of its individual effects.

  • When absorbed by the body, each nutrient in Moringa individually contributes to the body’s good health.
  • Each nutrient potentiates (boosts the power of) every nutrient it interacts with.
  • As a combined force, it creates a wonderful synergy which formulated pills can never do.
  • To date, at least 240 synergistic activities (health benefits) have been identified just by taking Moringa (be it fresh leaves, dried leaves, or powder form).
  • That is something no single medicine or ordinary plant can do.
  • This is the enormous difference in the power of taking Moringa tea compared to other plants or to natural or synthetic supplements.
  • When you drink Moringa tea compared to taking in several pills, you receive more health benefits more powerfully as the nutrients inside collaborate for the greater good.


In stark contrast, taking multiple chemical or natural supplements poses the risk of contraindication. Specific pills require to be taken separately. The wrong combination of supplements can hamper your health instead of improving it.




Moringa poses no risks with zero side effects and absence of danger in overdose.


Your body simply flushes out through urination what cannot be stored or absorbed.


All man-made supplements have a warning on its dosage and potential side effects. Even the “good” kind of pills pose certain risks and limitations.



Supplements are expensive. Quality fruits and vegetables have become costly.


Moringa tea is the cheapest and yet most effective natural multi-nutrient Superfood you can take that also serves as your health supplement.


Unless you are well-funded, most would have to either break the bank to afford a steady supply of costly supplements in the form of pills.  Nothing comes cheap.



Pills have limited shelf life.


The dried Moringa leaves and powder can be preserved for a very long time without loss of nutrients.


Ideally, it is best to store the Moringa leaves and powder in an opaque, tightly sealed container away from light and free from moisture to keep it from oxidation.


The best quality Moringa are vacuum-packed. It oxidizes slowly once opened. It is best to consume it once opened.


Why do Moringa leaf tea and powder products have an expiration date if they have a long shelf life?


Because this is required by the Food and Drug Administration as a general rule.


“Which is the best way to take Moringa ~ fresh leaves, dried leaves, powder, or capsule?”


Personally, I drink one liter of Moringa loose leaf hot tea for optimal benefits and use the Moringa powder as an ingredient for cooking and baking.



The dried Moringa leaves have the overall highest content among the different forms of Moringa. It has the most potency and flavor.



Tea bags are not economical and do not offer the maximum amount compared to loose leaf or powder.


Most tea bags are made of inferior quality material. It interrupts the infusion, the key to bringing out the nutrients in the tea.


One important consideration about brewing your Moringa tea is that the lid has to be closed to contain the medicinal properties from evaporating while steeping. That is not possible with tea bags.



The Moringa powder is second in nutrient content. Although the numerical difference is minimal, the powder has a higher fiber, B3, potassium, copper, iron and sulfur.


The powder is ideal as an ingredient for soups, sauces, stews, rice and pasta, and other cooking and baking possibilities.



For those who have access to fresh Moringa leaves, it is a wonderful tasty vegetable with the highest vitamin C (seven times the oranges). It tastes better than spinach, and it is wonderful as a stew or salad.



The Moringa powder is popularly used as an ingredient for a cold smoothie. While this definitely offers healthy benefits, you maximize the medicinal potential of Moringa leaves when it brewed or boiled.

  • The protein digestibility increases which means that you absorb the nutrients more and the other nutrients are boosted.
  • The minimal antinutrients are reduced even though it does not really pose a risk.
  • The flavor of the tea is enhanced.
  • The infusion process brings out the nutrients more.




Based on scientific studies, drinking hot tea reaps more health benefits than drinking icy tea.

  • Good for the gut, improves digestion
  • Promotes metabolism as it releases energy
  • Clears the sinus and nasal congestion
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Facilitates your endocrine system when your core temperature rises, which enhances your mood and promotes detoxification
  • Helps in the bowel movement


What about Moringa pills/capsules?



Although I have had an opinion against this form, it is best to refer to an expert. Dr. Mark Olson, a biomedical scientist who has conducted scientific studies of Moringa declares, “Capsules, the most popular Moringa product, are a scam.”


Moringa pills are costly and yet it offers insignificant nutrient sources unless you take 50 to 80 capsules if you calculate your RDA against your weight with the 400 mg/Moringa capsule.




Moringa is the plant’s Navy Seal Team that combats health issues skillfully


  • Would-be parents who aspire to be fertile
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers
  • People suffering from chronic illness and cancer
  • Senior citizens
  • Babies, children, teenagers, adults
  • Athletes and health enthusiasts
  • The healthy
  • Ideal for all human being, really
  • Animals also benefit from this mighty plant
  • Just like mothers, lactating pets can improve their milk production with Moringa


Do you know that Moringa is used as a plant fertilizer to boost productivity?


“Where can I buy Moringa?


For your health and safety, it is advisable to buy Moringa products made by companies of integrity with third party certifications of organic quality and reputable processing methods.


I buy mine from GreenEarth Heritage Foundation that is sold at MVP Selections, a specialty online store that I established.


Your purchase at MVP Selections invests in your health as you extend a helping hand to a Filipino community providing dignity of labor to the farmers, sustainable farming,  and international standard of education to their children.


reenEarth Heritage Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-stock and non-profit organization. 100% of the net proceeds of GreenEarth are given to the farmers.


MVP Selections is a partner-volunteer of GreenEarth and does not add any margin to the sale of their tea.


Shop at mvpselections.com


Choose healthy for your life and leave a lasting impact on the lives of farmers and their children.


The  GreenEarth Moringa Tea Collection




The world deserves to discover this wonderful gift from God to give them the opportunity for good health, healing, and hope at very affordable prices.



For good measure, because each person has a different disposition and health issues, always consult your doctor if you are under medications or medical treatment.


Moringa is included in the list of herbs found in the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. My doctors at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the world’s number 1 cancer center, refer to this link whenever they check on herbs.


They have approved my intake of Moringa tea during my chemotherapy.


You may share this link to your doctors who are most likely not familiar with Moringa with the hope that they will allow you or their patients to take it, provided that it will not contradict your treatment. The information may not be exhaustive, but it is sufficient to guide medical practitioners.



This is the link: https://www.mskcc.org/cancer-care/diagnosis-treatment/symptom-management/integrative-medicine/herbs/search?keys=moringa&letter=