Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Bath Flakes

Bring home the Spa~ Relax at Home with Magnesium Bath Flakes

Did you know that the physical therapy using water and minerals called BALNEOTHERAPY dates back centuries?

Do better than what the learned ancient Greeks and Romans do to reap natural health benefits as they relax in mineral-rich communal hot springs for their health and well-being. 

You need not go to expensive spas or travel to distant and exotic hot springs for a calming and healing soak. 

Bathe in mineral-rich Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Bath Flakes in the comfort of your sanitized home, either in full-body immersion or just a convenient foot bath.

Easily dissolved in warm water, Ancient Minerals®Magnesium Bath Flakes contain only the purest ingredients of highly soluble magnesium chloride. 

Soothing. Relaxing. Rejuvenating.

Ancient Minerals® Magnesium Bath Flakes offer the most relaxing way to effectively absorb magnesium, the most important mineral for your good health and well-being.

Available in different sizes and packaging for your convenience.

 It offers two different formulas to suit your specific needs:

1. Original Formula which has a higher magnesium content.


2. ULTRA Formula has 50% magnesium paired with the special form of sulfur, premium OptiMSM®. MSM stands for methylsulfonylmethane, a superior organic form of the mineral sulfur.

 Sulfur-containing mud baths have proven to be effective in promoting joint flexibility in human clinical trials.

The ULTRA Line is designed to improve absorption. This is ideal for sensitive skin. It is beneficial for bone, joint, and skin health.


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